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Welcome to the LUX CHALLENGE!

  • Have you ever looked at someone like St John Paul II or St Mother Teresa of Calcutta and wondered how they have so much joy? Or how Jesus seems so real to them?

  • Or have you ever gone to a Church service or a Catholic Mass and felt that you didn’t get much out of it?

  • Have you ever felt locked out – while others seem to connect so easily?

  • If you are looking for a change for the better, this challenge is for you.

  • Perhaps you come from a Catholic or a Christian background? Perhaps you have been going to Church for years. Or perhaps you’re not sure whether you really believe that God is real …


Wherever you are at right now, if you genuinely want something more out of life, if you prefer the light over the darkness, this challenge is for you.

The Bible teaches that God is the Creator of the Universe and of every single person. The Bible says, that in God, Who created everything, “was life, and the life was the light of men.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (Jn 1:4-5)

(If you are concerned that the idea of God – as it’s explained here – contradicts science, evolution, the Big Bang theory, and general scientific understanding, you can attend some of our Faith & Science sessions to learn why there is no contradiction between the truth of faith and the truth of science.)

Lux in Tenebris means Light in Darkness.

How can we find the Light in the darkness?

  • Jesus says, “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

  • Jesus is God – the One who created everything that exists – who has come to us in human nature to bring light and healing.

  • Jesus loves you and is waiting for you to acknowledge Him, to say “yes” to His invitation to friendship.

The Heart of the Challenge


In the Lux Challenge – all you have to do is resolve to open your heart and to speak to Jesus for the first 5 minutes of your day – every day – for 3 weeks (21 days).

You don’t have to believe in God.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus.


God is real; and Jesus is real – whether you believe it or not.


This challenge is so easy, there is no reason not to try it!



Each Day:


Step 1: First thing in the morning - open your mind and heart to the possibility that God exists, and that Jesus is a real Person.


Step 2: Say, "Good morning Jesus."

Step 3: Read the Scripture of the day from Food  for the Journey.


Step 4: Speak to Jesus from your heart as if He is really there with you - listening - for 5 minutes.

What is the basis for this challenge?

Where does it come from?

St Mother Teresa of Calcutta was asked how to pray. Her instruction was very simple. Every morning – first thing in the morning – say Good Morning Jesus.

This challenge is based on her wisdom and guidance.


There are many verses in the Bible which instruct the reader to bring first fruits to God.

What does this mean?

It’s a way of prioritizing. We begin the day with this challenge so that we can discover light and truth – which is a priority because we are looking for an improvement in our lives.

Food for the Journey
Coming Soon


Light & Help for the Journey

Here at Lux in Tenebris, we have a team of prayer warriors who will be praying for you each day of the challenge. These people are friends of Jesus, and their prayers are powerful.

You are not alone!

Lux Challenge Events

We have 3-4 FREE Lux Challenge Events (Live, Online) for all those doing the challenge, and for all who are interested in the challenge.

Sign up here to receive notification about these free events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What if I don’t really believe in God or Jesus? Can I try the Lux Challenge?

  • YES!  Why not try it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


2 - How can I open my heart to Jesus and speak to him if I don’t believe in Him?

  • You can open your mind and heart to the truth – to reality – and just try.

  • You can say something like: Good Morning Jesus. I’m not really sure of you’re out there. If you’re real, help me to see it, help me to know it.


3 - What if I run out of things to say?

  • That’s ok. You can simply say:


  1. Good morning Jesus. I am trying do this challenge, but I just don’t know what to say. So, I am just going to sit here quietly and think about today’s Food for the Journey.


   2. Good morning Jesus. If you are here, please help me to believe.


  • You can also try saying Good Morning Jesus, and then try thinking about some of the following questions:


  1. What is the deepest desire of my heart? And why?

  2. What am I really seeking?

  3. Why am I anxious?

  4. What are the aspects of my life that I really need help with?

  5. What kind of healing do I need (and want)?


  • You might consider sharing with Jesus some of these answers.

  • You might consider asking Jesus for help in these areas.


Please contact us here if you have further questions.

We are praying for you!

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